The Raspberry Pi Build HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) is a board that attaches to the Raspberry Pi and enables a user to use the LEGO robotics kit SPIKE Prime with a more advanced programming platform.

Before the Build HAT came out, I (under NDA) was tasked with coming up with several more advanced sample projects that utilize the computing power of the Raspberry Pi to create more advanced robotics projects than could be made with the LEGO robotics kit alone


Controlling SPIKE Prime with hand motions

This setup uses TensorFlow lite to run any model developed with Teachable Machines and allows the robot to take actions (such as moving motors, etc.) based on what it sees and what the model classifies the image as.

VID_20211001_152831_Trim (1).mp4

VID_20210917_171209_01 (1).mp4

A Raspberry Pi/SPIKE Prime robot controlled wirelessly by the SPIKE Prime hub

The sequence of connections that make this possible is:

  1. SPIKE prime hub is connected over Bluetooth to my computer
  2. There is a Python script running on my computer that reads the accelerometer and gyroscope data from the hub and sends this information through an MQTT server to the Pi
  3. The Pi reads the messages from the MQTT server and controls the SPIKE Prime motors through the Build HAT

<aside> 📌 I worked on this project while working at the Tufts CEEO (Center for Engineering Education and Outreach) the summer before my sophomore year at Tufts. See my resume for more.


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