I built this website with Notion.so, Fruitionsite.com (which uses Cloudflare) and my own CSS customizations


This website is built primarily with Notion.so. If you haven’t heard of Notion, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is one of the few apps I use to organize my entire life. My time, journal, hobbies, jobs, projects, books, etc. I often joke that if someone had unrestricted access to my Notion they would get a remarkably complete picture of who I am, my passions, and what is important to me.


The portfolio

For my portfolio in Notion, each project gets a page in a database where I can set additional properties like Tag(s), Context, Date, etc. Then I can share the Notion page to the web so anyone can see it. This Notion page lacks the customizability, SEO, and speed of other ways of building and hosting a website, however.

Notion - The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

This is the original Notion portfolio page from which this website was built

I set out to improve this. There are expensive Notion website builders like Super.so, Popsy.co, but I went with a self hosted solution described on Fruitionsite.com. With this, I use Cloudflare.com to run a special worker script that redirects traffic from the original Notion page to my domain (jessewgilbert.com). I can then inject custom CSS to vastly improve the look and feel of the page. I also injected a google analytics tag so I can track website traffic.

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