In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, my teammates on the robotics team and I used our 3D printers to help print PPE (face shields and respirators in particular) for healthcare workers in need. We would print the parts, and then send them to a makerspace nearby which then sanitized them and distributed them to hospitals.

We printed over 2000 face shields in the approximately 3 months during which PPE was scarce yet abundantly necessary to safely care for COVID patients.

I worked to increase the production of 3D printed respirators by writing a program to make my 3D printer automatically remove the mask when finished and then start the next one. You can learn more about that here: Automatic 3D Printing - Remove and Repeat

A local media organization in Lexington made a video (shown below) describing the high school robotics team and our efforts to 3D print PPE (I am the first one who talks)

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