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This shows the drone with landing gear that I designed (in Fusion 360) and 3D printed. I designed them to press-fit into the rectangular holes on each arm and give enough clearance to put a camera on the bottom or a flashlight like in the picture at the top. I tried flying at night briefly with the flashlight and it looked cool having a beam of light sweep across a dark field, but it was also kind of scary flying it.

This is a 3D printed drone that I built (the first of my home-built drones). It is an FPV drone (first-person view) meaning that I control the drone from the video feed which is transmitted to me from a camera on it.

Also, check out my more recent drone project: FPV Drone with 3D Printed Mounting System

I particularly enjoyed this project because it combined many of my hobbies: 3D design and printing, wiring, soldering, building, and drone flying. And the best part: it actually worked (well eventually). I had many problems such as some of the electronics shorting which I fixed by covering the circuit boards with hot glue. The FPV video quality was poor at first, which I fixed by shortening the signal wire and covering it in tin foil to prevent interference.

Below is a video I took from my FPV drone. I strapped a GoPro to the top of it and got some beautiful birds-eye-view shots of scenery and the landscape.

At 7 minutes into the video you can see the top speed achieved: 58.4 MPH!

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